Saturday, January 27, 2018

Dhiab Mashhour - Tawely Ya Leela

Dhiab Mashhour

Dhiab is a famous Syrian artist and singer. He was born in the town of Mohsen in Deir al-Azur on 15 February 1946.

He appeared in various Syrian television series, along side Duraid Lahham (Ghawar) and Naji Jaber (Abu Antar) like 'Sah' El Nom' and 'Melh' Ou Sekar'. He was also known as the Fratti singer.

He began his career in 1958 in eastern Syria, specifically in Muhsin in Deir Al-Zour province. He relied on his audible ability and learned from the blind musician Youssef Jassem, who taught him oriental maqams and performing arts. He managed to compose his lyrics and put his own tunes. He has a major contribution to the Syrian Furatian song, which he worked on since the 1970s, until he retired in the 1990s.

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